Interview 3 – Vicki Fitch (Park Lane Jewelry)

Interview 3 - Vicki Fitch

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Interview with Vicki Fitch – Transcription

Interview with Vicki Fitch


Kate       Hi, I’m Kate Barrett, the founder of Shine A Light Media and the Email Marketing Academy, and welcome to our series of interviews with everyone from entrepreneurs to fellow email marketing experts where we will be finding out how they use email in their business to give you inspiration in your own work.

Our guest today is Vicki Fitch. Vicki is the Vice President at Park Lane Jewelry, a motivational speak and coach and she assists people to build their businesses.   One very busy lady over here! Welcome Vicki, it’s so lovely to have you here today.


Vicki       Thank you so much for inviting me to join you Kate. I’m excited to be here.


Kate       Fantastic, so Vicki, introduce yourself, tell us a little bit more about you and what you’re up to at the moment with all of these different businesses you’re involved in.


Vicki       Well you know Kate, I am a Vice President with Park Lane Jewelry, as you mentioned, and so my love and my passion is to help people to build their dreams. People are not taught in school to actually dream about something and then make that happen. We’re taught to pick a career that makes money, or is something our family did, and my goal in life is to try to help people to live their dreams. Our motto is “Dream it, Believe it, Achieve it”. So that’s kind of what we’re up to. On the Park Lane Jewelry venture, we have a tremendous line of products.   We do the jewelry for Dancing with the Stars and the E Entertainment line so we get to spread that joy, actually we’re in five different countries now. We get to spread that to other people and build on that. I do my motivational speaking as well and help people build those businesses in that arena, so hopefully that gives you a little tip of what’s going on and there is a book coming out shortly on Direct Selling and we’ll talk about that maybe later at the end.


Kate       That’s something I’m very excited to hear more about so we’ll absolutely come back to that. You sound like one very busy lady!


Vicki       Very much so. I also have children of course, so trying to work in our entrepreneurial dreams with our families is something that I know many people are looking at how do they structure that and how does that work. I’m excited about how to find out more ways, how to build my businesses with email marketing, which I know you’re an expert in, so I’m very excited about our call today too.


Kate       On the subject of marketing, how do you market yourself as a promotional speaker, and how do you market your fantastic jewelry. I’ve seen some fantastic pictures on your website and I’m certainly going to be having a look to see what I can order from there. How do you market those two businesses? I guess its slightly different, especially in terms of the messaging you use, but do you use different channels for each business? What works best?


Vicki       That’s a great question. What works best? I’m constantly looking at things and tweaking them. I have bridged it under one house called where people can go to find out what’s going on and then branch off into the different pieces that we offer. They all mix well together because it’s all about, like I said, building your dreams and selling. We sell ourselves everyday even if we’re not selling a product, we’re selling a service or we’re selling ourselves, and then motivational speaking, again it all pulls itself together that way. I’ve kind of been a serial entrepreneur and have kind of an unique story where I actually bought my first house when I was 19 and I started my first company when I was 20. I have this unique perspective that other people haven’t experienced and so I’ve made lots of mistakes and do a lot of things right and work through those. Things, they go through that one house, but there are lots of different opportunities to do those. I look for people similar to yourself that give me inspiration on how to directly market or how to build those each individual things even though they complement each other.


Kate       Do you find there’s a channel for the Park Lane Jewelry side and that physical product side that works the best when you’re doing your marketing through there as opposed to your service based business side with the motivational speaking. Do you find the channels are different in the results that they get for you across those two businesses because they are so different? Is there something that works better for the product based business and something that works better for the service based business in your experience?


Vicki       Of course there’s always, meeting people develops all those businesses. With jewelry, showing people, where they can touch it , feel it, see it, doing personal appointments, getting out there and meeting those people. Word of mouth is my best bet of course, but trying to get to those new people who can spread that circle of influence even outside the people that I currently know, and teaching my team to do that same thing is what makes a difference. Some of the Facebook marketing, pull some of that in. Like I said, I am excited to find out some other tips because I know that there is a whole world of email marketing out there versus where I am sending a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter out with promotions and information, I know that there is a better way and I would love to pull some of that in.   I have been blessed with 18 years of experience so I have 18 years’ worth of people and resources, but when you are training your team members and you’re training other people with their business, like I said, they are coming from a place of maybe just starting and so helping them to derive which avenues are best sometimes, like I said, if they don’t have a customer base, we need to look towards social media marketing and getting some additional press for those people.


Kate       Absolutely. I think the first point that you mentioned is face to face networking and that works for both your businesses in slightly different ways       . I think that’s a really good point that you make there and of course social media and PR with press releases and getting that out to various people through that way. I think those are all great channels and great to hear that that’s how you’re building your businesses and where you’re focusing and as you mentioned, looking at email marketing, which is obviously what we want to talk about in this interview and find out what you’re doing there. You mentioned sending a bi-weekly newsletter. How do you come up with the content for that newsletter at the moment? I know that’s something that a lot of our listeners might be struggling with is how do you come up with the content on a bi-weekly basis? And just to clarify, is this for your Park Lane Jewelry business, so it’s more product based side that you’re using email marketing at the moment.


Vicki       Yes it is. The content, I do a compilation of different things, the company of course provides lots of pictures and stuff for us to work with and by adding some different captions, by adding some different theories        I try to pull those things together to grab some attention. I believe that we process images about 600 times faster than we do text, so I try to pull in images of the jewelry in action shall we say, on people, in environments, things going on. I have had a professional photographer come in and do a photo-shoot on some things, but I took some pictures myself of my kids and my son going to prom with his girlfriend wearing Park Lane and have a whole series of ads that I created based on love for Valentines Day, proms, those kinds of things. Trying to pull those images in and create a feeling of what’s going on instead of just “here’s a piece of jewelry, here’s what you can do with it”. We try to create a feeling so that’s where part of the content comes from. And then I try to do something contextual, like telling then seven tips to wear jewelry, how to make you thinner, how to accent a bad hair day, because we all have those!


Kate       Oh yes! Tell me about it!


Vicki       I try to pull some of those in that give people an opportunity to say “oh those are easy tips that I can implement right away and find value in”. Again, it’s more snippets, it’s not long articles, so again just snippets and some pictures with some wordage that help people catch a vision and know what season’s coming up next, what holiday is coming up next and how they can utilise our service.


Kate       That sounds fantastic and I think that’s what a lot of product based businesses struggle with. They use email marketing to constantly sell, and every single email is sell, sell, sell and that can really lead to subscribers getting tired of receiving those emails. It’s the same think every time.   What you’re doing there is absolutely what we would recommend as an email marketing consultant is to break that up and give extra value added content, so it sounds like you’re doing that absolutely perfectly.


Vicki       Well I thank you for that. I’m sure there’s lots of room for improvement but I thank you for the compliment.


Kate       That’s ok, that’s definitely the first place I would have said to start, it to break it up so you’re definitely doing really well there. So in terms of bringing in the product based content where you are offering certain products and as you said, you’re bringing in those images because it’s such a visual thing, you want to see that jeweery, but is that governed by something else that’s going on in your business. For example do you have a sales plan throughout the year that then determines which products will go into that email bi-weekly or is that something that you do independently and offer exclusive email special offers? Where does that content come from on that regular basis?


Vicki      That’s a good question. I do have a general plan throughout the year of what’s happening based on holidays, based on selling seasons, based on information. I do have that basic plan and of course we have product launches that come out four times a year. We have two that come out with our regular line and then we have two that come out with the E Entertainment Line. So I can plan conceptually but of course I can’t pre-do many of those things based on the fact that I don’t know what the pieces will be but I can get some of the content. Because we are a sponsor for Dancing with the Stars, before the season launch we can do an event or a sale or a special that’s based on Dancing with the Stars. Before Christmas, before holiday season, we let them know we have the most incredible program where people can get items for $12 or for free and we teach them how to shop in their current budget, and get some things for themselves for free.   Those kind of tips we try to pull in right before the holiday season and show people how they can get more for their money and how it’s not just about what we do, it’s about blessing them and showing people you can take care of yourself and you can reward yourself within the same budget and constraints that you already have set because so many people are on that tight budget.


Kate       I think the key things there is your email               marketing isn’t working on its own, it working as part of your bigger business plan to back up those strategic elements that go through the business in terms of when you have your product launches, and the email is there to underpin it and help you to communicate that message. It’s not standalone and again that’s the absolutely right way to do it, is to take what you have in your business already and use that to develop your email marketing strategy and your content from there. Again, I think you’re doing absolutely the right thing and I think it’s really good for our listeners to know that that’s how you’re doing it and that that’s getting you the results by doing it like that and Its really underpinning your business. Again, that was an absolutely perfect explanation there. Thank you.


Vicki       Thank you. You’re making me feel so much better about things!


Kate       You’re doing everything right so far. Why do you think that email is important to your business?   We’ve talked about it underpinning that general business strategy and the plans that you have but what is it that email brings to your business? What benefits have you seen by communicating with people by email and building your list?


Vicki       I have seen a connection with people that are not interested in going to an event, because we are a direct sales company, and although I tend not to use the “P” word, which is party, because people have a different notion of what a party is. For me, I’m doing an event, it’s an educational thing and when you’re going to school or going to a class you’re investing in yourself, you want to be there on time and plan on being there so you can absorb what’s going on. When people think of party they think, oh it starts at 6, I’ll show up at 6.30, I’ll place and order and I’ll leave. We try to get away from that, or at least I do on my team. We try to get away from the P word an try to make sure that its and educational event.

When they get the emails, there are people that don’t want to go to the events per say, they’re interested in jewelry and interested in fashion. They might be interested in what we introduce with the Pantone colour charts and what the colours of the season are, but they don’t want to come to an event. When the email marketing comes to them they get to see what’s going on and then interact with us, identifying “oh I really enjoy that colour” and sometimes they’ll just send an email back that says “I have an event coming up, I think that that tip you gave me will really help with” they don’t necessarily say they want to buy something, but they interact, so I believe it helps with engagement which helps people to be familiar, so when a friend says to them I’m going to a wedding or I’m going to a reunion, they can so “oh, you’ve got to talk to Vicki Fitch because she’s got some great tips on the great accents and accessories you can wear with that”. So it’s really developing that relationship and people understanding what we do. So plugging that email marketing in gives people a chance to engage and, like I said, to not necessarily want come to an event but start thinking more about jewelry, accessories and how it effects the way they look and feel.


Kate       Fantastic. Do you see revenue generated from the emails that you send at the moment or is it more relationship building? Can they buy items online from you?


Vicki       They can buy items online, but I have felt more its relationship building and that’s one of the things I would love to get some information from you on. We do have some conversion but it’s not as high as I would like, although there is a conversion to event. The ROI, the return on investment, can be two fold in a direct selling business, which I am sure some of your listeners will be involved in. Having an actual sale where they go to the website and purchase something, or they say, because part of it in this industry, is that they can get free things and they say I’d love to get some free stuff. It converts into an event when then converts from there.   Some of them aren’t immediate returns, they are future returns which to be honest with you, an event, and as we’ve already talked about, that personal relationship creates and even better return for me because I develop a relationship with them and then they are comfortable introducing me to their friends in person and via Facebook and those kind of things. Hopeful I gave a complete answer on that one as well.


Kate       Definitely, that all sounds brilliant. What you’ve identified there is something again important to point out for our listeners. A conversion isn’t always necessarily directly revenue related. A conversion could be like you say, booking to attend at a party, downloading something    or watching a video. It doesn’t always have to be revenue related and it is really important to look at any marketing channels that you are using and look at it in terms of those different conversions and what you are driving your subscribers to do. So I think that’s a really good point to pull out there from what you said.

I think the other thing is in terms of you asked for a little bit of advice about increasing your sales from your emails. The one big piece of advice I would give to anyone looking to improve anything about their email marketing is test, test and test again. So use AB Split Testing, so take two versions of your email and run them side by side and see what happens. That could be you might want to test different subject line techniques to see what works best for your audience to really compel them and get them interested enough to open the email in the first place. Then you might want to test your call to action that you have, or the number of products that you’re displaying in your email, or how you personalise that email. Its creating that testing strategy to go through different elements of your emails to see how you can slightly tweak them and where you can slightly tweak those results, whether it be your opens, your clicks, reducing your unsubscribes, increasing conversions, whatever conversion they may be. That’s probably the biggest tip I would give to anybody who wants to improve anything about their email campaigns. Test, test and test again!


Vicki       That’s great advice. Do you test it with a small group or do you test it with your email base?   How would you go about that if you don’t mind me asking?


Kate       Of course not. You can do what works best for you. It really depends how many people you have in your list. If you’ve got a small list size, perhaps a few hundred people, you might want to literally split it 50/50, roll one subject line out to one side and one subject line out to the other side, for example. If you’ve got a list that’s bigger, let’s say you have 10,000 on your list, you might want to run subject line A to one thousand people, subject line B to another one thousand people and then whichever one is deemed the winner, so you would need to choose beforehand what your objectives are for that campaign,              what metric deems it the winner, and just as a caveat here, just because one metric increases it doesn’t mean it’s going to increase to the end. If your objective is purely to get your email opened, purely for people to look at your email, then open rate is an absolutely fine metric to look at but if you are testing subject lines using that example still, and the end result you want to get to is an increase in conversions, I’ve seen tests run where you’ve run a split test, the open rate is actually lower than the base test that you would usually see, the statistics that you would usually see coming back, but the conversion rate increased. In that case you are reducing the number of people opening your email, but because the conversions are higher what it means is that your subject line, again using this as an example, was targeted enough just to reach the people who are more likely to convert. So it’s really drilling down. Does that make sense?


Vicki       Yes it does, that’s excellent. I hadn’t thought about that before. I really like it.


Kate       You can do it either way                , if it’s a small list split in half 50/50 see what works best. If it’s a larger list, take a section of it and then you can roll out the winner. But you want to test one element at a time. You don’t want to in one test change your subject line, your call to action, your design, you don’t want to change everything all at once, you just want to change one element. One test would be the two subject lines, everything else is exactly the same, so just keep it to one element. That’s what I would do, and that’s what I would advise you, if you want to get an increase in your conversions, in your click rate, whatever it is that is you’re object for that campaign, just run some split tests and see what happens and see what your audience responds to the best.


Vicki       Excellent advice, I appreciate that, I’m going to test that out straightaway.


Kate       Fantastic. That’s good. This leads us very nicely into which email service provider are you using? So what system are you using to send your emails, because AB Split testing is a functionality that you would find in your email service provider. Who are you using at the moment?


Vicki       The current service I’m using is called My Newsletter Builder, it’s one that our company recommends and they create content in there for us on a monthly basis.  I am guilty of not usually using that, I usually create my own, for several reasons, because I am trying to create a little different branding myself as part of Park Lane, as I jut mentioned a couple of things to you, but I have used Constant Contact in the past and have been evaluating Aweber, Mail Chimp. I believe there is a new one that has come on the market recently that people are taking about called Get Response. I would love to know what your opinion is, because I am in the middle of making some adjustments there and trying to figure out what the best place to be is.


Kate       Absolutely. I think the difficult thing here is there are thousands of email service providers out there, so Get Response is not a new one out to the market, it’s not a new ESP, it has been around for a while but I think as you move around and move into different spheres different email service providers come to your attention. There are literally, as I said, thousands out there, and I think what you’re doing is the right thing, is evaluating different systems. Perhaps going on recommendations that you’ve had from other people other mastermind groups using comments of other ESPs that they use and have a little play around with them. If you have an ESP that has a free trial or is just free to use, like Mail Chimp for example, play around with it and see what works best for you. Using Mail Chimp as a perfect example, as most people have heard of Mail Chimp, some people absolutely love it, they find it really easy to use and on the other side of it some people absolutely hate it, they find it really difficult to use, they just don’t like how it works and the usability . It is a very personal preference. It obviously comes down to budget as well as does everything when you’re running a business. What you’re doing is exactly the right thing, testing out those different systems, seeing what works best for you, and making sure that the system that you choose has the functionality that you need, not only now, but as your planning to grow your business, and growing your email marketing strategy, what do you need in six months’ time, a years’ time. It’s kind of thinking ahead a little bit in terms of functionality. You’re doing the right thing again, big thumbs up from my side in terms of looking around at different systems.


Vicki       Do you have one that you recommend based on knowing a little bit about my business, or something that you use that you would feel comfortable recommending?


Kate       There are a few systems that I do recommend. It depends firstly on, as I said, the functionality you would want. I’ve got a bit of an idea of the functionality you are looking for. In terms of your list size, are you willing to share that one air, how big your email list is at the moment?


Vicki       It’s about 6,000 right now.


Kate       Fantastic. Ok, so the thing is with that is you’re right on the cusp, you’re not a beginner, in terms of a Mail Chimp system you can have up to 2,000 contacts for free, so for people getting started I do recommend Mail Chimp, it’s a great system, it is easy to use and it lets you so what you need to do. You can then upgrade that, so there is no limit on the number of subscribers you can have in the system but you obviously start to pay and it is a low cost service. If you were looking for a service that was easy to use, it was low cost, it gives you some AB split testing functionality, it gives you some triggered email functionality. Personally I do like Mail Chimp so I would certainly recommend having a look at that system and having a play around. If you were looking to move up into the middle to higher range, that’s where again there are a lot of systems out there that can range from a few hundred pounds, to set up fees of a few thousand pounds even and then monthly costs after that. I would say if you were looking to keep the budgets down, Mail Chimp is probably the one that I would put to the top of the pile, but as I said, some people love it and some people hate it. It really is something that I would suggest playing around with it.


Vicki       Ok, that’s great advice. I will certainly look into it and see if it has any different features from what I am currently using.


Kate       So, Vicki, what is your biggest email marketing challenge at the moment then? Is it increasing the results that you’re getting, as we’ve already talked about, or is there something else that’s niggling you at the moment that you are wanting to work on with your emails?


Vicki       Again that’s a great question, I think depending on what marketing hat I have on at the moment, you know when I am building the plan of what’s coming up for the year and when I’m doing different things. Obviously that conversion ratio is always critical, looking at that, but also getting people to share. I mean of course I have a refer a friend, send this to a friend and those kind of things in there but I am wondering if there is not a better way, whether I need an offer or something different to help create that desire and urgency to share that with their friends. I don’t see enough new adds from referring friends. I don’t know if that makes sense but of course again increasing that return and getting more people to say “hey I really like this and I thought you might like to too”.


Kate       Ok, so are you talking about referring friends in terms of signing up to buy something from your business or signing up for an event or just to share that email content?


Vicki       Of course we would like those other two as well               , but sharing that email content so the list is doing its job of building some additional people besides just the relationships that we are developing but to expand those relationships to their friends, not just that come to an event or something that they might forward on Facebook, but actually say “this is relevant content to Mary, I think she would really like it”, where it’s a direct referral kind of thing. I don’t know if that makes sense.


Kate       Yes absolutely it does. I think that it is very difficult, because the example you gave of “Mary would love this”. It’s something that’s very specific, it’s very in the moment, but what you can do in terms of your email marketing   is make sure you’ve got your social media sharing links on there as well so they can easily connect with you or share your content on social media. So you’ve got two different types of buttons there. There’s actually sharing the content, physically pushing it out to that social network or there’s connecting with you on your social media channels. What you’re doing in terms of refer a friend button, or forward on to a friend button, absolutely, that’s a great thing to do, that’s a great way to go. If you really wanted to give it a push you could look at running a competition, or perhaps some sort of discount if they refer a certain number of people onto your email list or whatever it might be. You would obviously need tracking in place on the back end to be able to do that. I think that it’s certainly something that having those social media sharing and connecting buttons is probably the biggest thing I would tell you to do. It’s not going to set the work on fire, it is still a very in the moment thing and I think what you’re doing is perfect. It’s providing that valuable content, providing that visual element to get that message across and as and when providing them with the functionality they need to share it really easily. I think the focus there should be the enabling them to share it easily rather than necessarily trying to push them that way because it is quite an organic natural process that we’re looking at there.


Vicki       Absolutely, and I do have those social media buttons, but I don’t know that the way they’re set up on the page if they’re getting enough attention so I will definitely investigate that part to of where the buttons are located and maybe if I can rearrange that a little bit.


Kate       Anything that’s really important to you, have it in the top section of your email. So if it’s really critical, you need to have your call to action in there. You need to make sure that without even scrolling down people can complete your call to action. Try do an AB split test with those social media buttons pushed up to the top and see what happens there. Its definitely worth testing some different placements of the buttons because it could make all the difference. I wouldn’t expect it to set the world on fire and for you to get thousands and thousands of shares. You may well do, and when it comes down to something like the e-launches and things like that, that very well could be something that they want to share on social media and I think with your Park Lane Jewelry business you have those specific product launches and those specific times that do have the pull behind them that really could go a little bit viral in that sense. So yes, making sure those options are there, they’re as easy as possible to get to and having them in the top section of your email would be my advice there.


Vicki       Excellent, thank you.


Kate       So, what are your future email marketing plans? You mentioned you might be having a book that you’re currently writing that will be coming out soon. Have you planned any email marketing about that and can you tell us a little bit more about the book?


Vicki       The book is Direct Selling 101 and it’s really about the nuts and bolts. There are lots of books out there that tell people how to do direct sales and they are so dry and lifeless, and I’m full of analogies because people, they need stories, they need information, kind of like we process photographs and pictures so much faster than text, it’s the same. If we can create imagery that help people understand what going on in the direct selling market. Again, people that aren’t in direct sales could still utilise the same kind of tactics and the same information because we are constantly selling ourselves and like I said I try to create word pictures and things that help people to understand. A key phrase of mine is “Don’t stop selling until your customer is done buying”. The key point is the customer, and I going on to explaining things about buying thresholds. We all have our own imaginary buying threshold and if yours happens to be $50 let’s say, and you just made $100 sale to your customer, inside that little voice in your head triggers to say “Woo, we’re done” but that customers buying threshold might be $5,000, it might be something higher and it’s not about getting to a higher price point, it’s about servicing the customer.   If that customer needed jewelry for instance for ten different days of a cruise that she’s going on and you sold her one necklace or one ensemble then she’s going to end up being inspired and she’s going to go somewhere to inspire herself for the rest of those outfits and you left not only the money on the table but you left the customer in a situation where you didn’t service her needs. Again, just creating the analogies where people can see the thought process behind why, that’s it’s not about selling, it’s not about getting more money, it’s about servicing people and when you build that service orientated business you build relationships and people trust you. It also gives you an opportunity to just understand the fears. There’s a whole section about fears and what we are afraid of. I have lots of little fun terms that I use for myself that make people smile and giggle and then can say “Ok, I can laugh at myself because I’ve experienced that too”.

So that’s a little about where that book comes in and as for how I plan on marketing it, through the speaking engagements I do,  through the network of consultants that I have, but I would love to come up with a really powerful email marketing campaign around that, and I think someone like you would probably be perfect to helping me because seeing as it’s my first book, I have been sharing information with people for so many years. It’s also going to have an online video series that people are able to plug into as well for that training because we have those three different types of learning; visual, auditory and kinaesthetic, and we want to make sure that all those people are taken care of, if they are not apt to continue reading something, if they can hear or see some animation and some fun of me being silly on a video to try to help them engage and be honest with what’s going on, I think that that will really benefit them as well. So I would love to know what your tips are for launching a book.


Kate       That sounds absolutely amazing and I know that I am certainly going to want to read your book when it comes out. In terms of launching a book, I think that’s very specific and answering the question a little bit more generally, its building up your list, and starting to get that going, you don’t need a massive list to start, but it’s starting to build a list of interested subscribers. Obviously this is separate from the Park Lane Jewelry side and this is more on your motivational speaker and coaching side. It’s building up the audience that specific to that and giving them value add before they even come to the point of purchasing. The biggest tip here that is can give is to send a series of emails. If you just send a one off email, it’s not really going to get the message across, you want to break that information down and send it across a series of emails. You want to build the excitement. I think particularly with a book launch, where I’m guessing there will be a specific date set down in the future where there’s this is the day the book launches. You can build your whole strategy around the prelude to that launch in terms of building the excitement, maybe give them a few little snippets, something to really compel them and keep them interested and then once it launches it’s the “Here it is, you know you already want it, now you can buy it”. So it’s using that series of emails, using that technology that’s out there to automate that for you. As people come onto your list you’re building an automated series of triggered emails that are just going to send based on certain rules in your system. So again, a functionality to look out for when you’re choosing a new ESP is that triggered email functionally. That’s the main tip that I would give you there is build the series, build that excitement going towards the launch date, and even afterwards, create that series of emails as a sales funnel to drive people through to the purchase.


Vicki       That’s great advice. You’re making me so excited. I want to just finish it now!


Kate       This is the fantastic thing about email, there are so many different ways you can use it, you can use it to boost your customer service, to make sales, to build relationships. It really is that channel that underpins everything else that you do in your business. I’m really excited to see what you do next     and around your book launch and as I said, I’m definitely going to be reading that book when it comes out, so let me know.


Vicki       I definitely will.


Kate       Fantastic. So our final question that we like to ask all of our guests to round of our interview is which business people do you admire and why?


Vicki       That’s such a great question. I mean it goes along several different arenas. In this particular area I really love Melanie Duncan. She’s just an inspiration of someone who started in the trenches and worked through and has built multiple levels of so many things. I just admire that. I love people like Jim Roan who is a modern day philosopher. I love the structure and stuff that he has given even to some of my own principals and business ethics as how you operate things and how you treat people. People like that and even John Maxwell. They really inspire me to be the best that I can, to select good word choices and to focus my energies on how I can help other people in their businesses and how I can benefit other people, not looking and what’s in it for me, but how can I help them and that always comes back around to helping us as well.


Kate       That’s fantastic and those are some great recommendations of people to look out for and people to start following. Thank you so much Vicki and thank you so much for being with us on the interview today. I think you have imparted some fantastic information about what you are currently doing  and how you’re using email marketing and hopefully I’ve given you a couple of tips in return.


Vicki       Oh, I plan on implementing them right after our phone call. I have a plan of action that I really appreciate your insight and your professionalism to help direct some of those things, because sometimes, like you were mentioning before, when you’re really good as some things, there’s other things you really need to seek out people that are professional in that area so you can build your own skill set in that area as well and I really appreciate the input and the information you have given me and I think it’s fantastic.


Kate       You’re very welcome. I think as entrepreneurs we all need to be continuously learning. Really lovely to speak to you Vicki, thank you so much for being with us today.


Vicki       You are so welcome, I’ve enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing who else you have on, I’d love to hear those interviews as well. I’d love to stay connected, I love all of the stuff that you put out.





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