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Your chance to influence January’s free content!

Hi everyone!

Every month I’m going to be focussing in on a specific area of email marketing in all the free content (over on my Facebook Page & Blog etc.) to help you move forward and make full use of this amazing marketing channel!

And January is going to be starting right at the beginning, covering key tips and techniques around growing your list!

But I need your help to ensure the content I share is actually valuable and helps you all move forward!

So, my question is this –

What aspects of growing your list are you unsure about/struggle with?

A. Where to place your opt in form/pods for maximum effect

B. What to put on your sign up form to make it appealing and increase your sign up rate

C. How to drive traffic to your sign up form

D. The different types of opt in and legal regulations

E. I have no idea why I should be growing my list or how email marketing can help my business

F. None of the above – Other (let me know!)

Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for your help – I appreciate your opinions 🙂

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