Additional Email Marketing Services

Bespoke copywriting service

Copywriting is about much more than just words on a page. It is one of the most essential elements of effective marketing, allowing you to successfully implement your strategy.

Our bespoke copywriting service offers you the chance to work with a dedicated, experienced copywriter who will create content for your emails that meets your needs as well as that of your subscribers. Each email will be written in a way that builds and maintains a relationship with your prospect.

The copy will be structured to encourage the recipient to not only will they open each email but to encourage as many as possible to take the desired action at each stage.

Covering all aspects of the copywriting process, we’ll work with you to devise key messaging and create new content. We can also help you revise and refine existing material, tightening words and phrases to really bring your copy to life.


Email Marketing Design & HTML Coding

The design of your emails plays a big part in helping or hindering how subscribers interact with the content you are sending to them.

It’s important to ensure your design encourages subscribers through to your main call to action and, most importantly, doesn’t confuse them or give them too many options in one go.

Your email should be like a shop window – a gateway to more information

eFocus Marketing can support you in the concept and creation of your new email design; with a focus on increasing your conversion rate.