Email & CRM Management


Email Marketing Management

Whether you send marketing emails to your prospects and customers via your customer relationship management (CRM) system or a dedicated marketing automation (MA) system, getting things right can be time intensive. eFocus Marketing provides an email marketing management and implementation service, supported by our team’s years of email management experience for clients all over the world.

Our experts can work with you to handle all aspects of your day-to-day email marketing management, on a one-off or an ongoing basis depending on your needs.


Email Campaign Management

When the time comes to send out your email campaigns, eFocus Marketing can help ensure that your emails and your email management system are fully optimised for success. We can create emails using existing email copy and designs, or we can provide design and copywriting services for a complete email marketing implementation solution.

As your campaigns run, we will continuously monitor and optimise your emails to ensure that your email marketing goes from strength to strength.

At eFocus Marketing we are system-agnostic, which means that we can work with any email management software you’d like, and is right for your business, and we don’t tie you into using an in-house system with us.


Email Campaign Automation

Automation is a common feature of email management software, yet nearly half of all marketers struggle to find the time to make it happen or aren’t sure how to.

Working with eFocus Marketing gives you access to a team of highly experienced email marketing management experts, who can help you move beyond basic email campaigns to fully automated drip campaigns that deliver high quality, engaged customers, and increase your revenue.

Email Marketing is the channel most marketers
still rate as providing the highest ROI

 Are you maximising the potential of your campaigns?

Email Campaign Services


Setting up emails in your email management system – whether that’s your email service provider (ESP), customer relationship management software (CRM), or marketing automation platform (MA).


Creating bespoke, responsive email templates from your own designs or designs that we create for you.


One-off management of important email campaigns.


Ongoing monthly email management, implementation and post-send review, working as an extension of your marketing team.


Conducting pre-send testing of your emails to ensure they are set up and render correctly.


Live A/B testing of email content to increase open rate, click rate and conversions.


Expert copywriting to bring your campaigns to life and drive engagement.

Ongoing email marketing implementation support includes:

A dedicated consultant who will be your point of contact for anything you need.

A structured project plan so that we know what is sending, when, why and to whom.

A team of passionate, expert email marketers who work as an extension of your marketing team.

System agnostic support – we are well-versed in multiple systems and happy to use your current platform or suggest others that may better suit your needs, if required.


Why Should I Create Email Campaigns?

According to McKinsey, email marketing can be 40 times more effective than social media, and 3 times faster at converting prospects into customers.

59% of B2B marketers say that email is their most effective channel for revenue generation, while B2C businesses report that consumers who purchase products through email spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers.

In short, there is lots of evidence that email marketing is still an incredibly effective tool for marketers in any industry.


What's Email Campaign Management?

Email campaign management is the planning, setup, implementation, and analysis of your email campaigns.

Effective email campaign management involves setting objectives for an email campaign, building it in your email management system, monitoring and optimising the campaign as it progresses to drive success, and analysing the results at the end of the campaign.

It can be a time-consuming activity if you plan to run multiple email campaigns, which is why some organisations use email management services such as ours.

What’s Email Management Software?

Email management software helps you to create and send emails from your company to your opt-in database, and to track how those emails perform. Email management software can also be used to store data on your subscribers.

When connected with your CRM, email management software can help your business drive tremendous value from email marketing and your omnichannel strategy overall.

Are CRM and Email Marketing The Same?

No. Customer relationship management covers the entire customer lifecycle, and is used to identify new business opportunities and to build customer loyalty over time across multiple marketing channels.

Email marketing builds the foundation for good CRM and is one of the main channels you should be utilising.

It helps your business uncover new prospects and start to build a relationship with them, reconnect with old customers, and drive traffic to your website so that prospects can discover your products or services and make a purchase.

Ready to take your email marketing to the next level?