Email Marketing Strategy



We can work with you to create an email marketing strategy that makes sense for your business and objectives.

Whether you’re looking for a full review of your current email marketing program, or are starting from scratch and need a strategy developed, we can help.


Reviewing your current email marketing lifecycle programme

When reviewing your current strategy, we can offer recommendations on areas of industry best practice to ensure your programmes have the best chance of succeeding.

We can look at key points in your customer lifecycle, to make sure your communications are effective.

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Creating an email marketing strategy

By identifying key communication points in the customer lifecycle, we can plan to target them with relevant, timely, engaging email communications.

Our team will structure your email to maximise your Return On Investment (ROI), creating campaigns and using techniques such as data segmentation, dynamic content, testing and optimisation.

We can build you a plan to produce:

  • Behaviourally triggered campaigns throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Newsletters and special offer campaigns
  • Reactivation campaigns

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